Thursday, 23 August 2012

Ubuntu Coke

This weekend just passed, me and a few others walked down to Frampton Marsh (RSPB nature reserve) . The walk took much longer than it should have as we were stopped by a number of horses along the way and found that parts of the public footpath were over grown and so we had to make our own paths. Anyway after slightly more than 3 hours on a hot day I got through my supply of water so I was glad to find that they sold refreshments in the tourist centre at Frampton Marsh. Amusingly I discovered that they sold my favourite OS' coke: Ubuntu Coke.

As you can see the Ubuntu Coke is part of the Fairtrade which made me feel all the happier. The description on the back of bottle said this:
"Ubuntu: "I am because we are". The Fairtrade Certifcation Mark is your independent guarantee that the Fairtrade ingredients in this product have been certified in accordance with international Fairtrade Standards. Plus, Ubuntu will donate 15% of all of our profits to development projects in Malawi with our Ubuntu African program. Visit "
I did not know that Ubuntu had its own coke but I guess we learn something new every day. So keep your eyes open for it in stores near you.